I took this photo about two thirds the way up the pass. What an exhilarating and spectacular ride. You must visit the factory and do this ride one day. I weigh 80kgs and we put an extra 65kg in ballast on board. When we arrived at the base deep in the valley I thought if we got 200 metres up this mountain we would doing be better than any scooter I had ridden before. It's that steep. The photo does not give a true indication of how steep it really is. I hit full throttle at the bottom of the valley marked in red and the Montana went straight to the top in 30 minutes at an average speed of almost 12 kph. Stunning. We loaded the Montana into the van, took it to the bottom and did it again 15 minutes later. Nothing overheated, nothing stopped, nothing broke. Perfection. Just a true test of the remarkable engineering skills of Lotus Blake.  How's it done you ask. Read on.
 The famous Pujian Pass in China. Our test track.   A 3,300ft rise winding 6 klms straight up. The Montana will easily climb this peak in 30mins with 165kg rider on board. Tested and proven endurance that no other scooter can come close to.Stunning Performance!
This is the most advanced motor and transaxle assembly ever conceived and built for an electric scooter. The motor is state of the art. High powered Rare earth magnets are 5 times stronger than normal DC magnets. The light weight gear case encloses precision powdered sintered compressed gears. The highest quality Japanese bearings and seals are combined with the latest technology synthetic lubricant. Small purpose built Accent precision drive couplings finish the drive train to the wheels. This is something to be proud of. 8 years in development and endurance tested under load for 2,000 hours without a brush change. Expensive technology but the outcome is well worth it. This is not an adapted water pump gearbox. It really delivers smooth efficient power like never before.

     Be Amazed Be Truly Amazed        bee man

       Will Pull 165kg up a Mountain at 12 kph

The latest Montana has set a new record of .4 amps/kph/hour.  At least twice as efficient as older transaxles. In some cases 3 times. Batteries last longer, Scooter goes further. Less wear and tear.
No need for outragiously heavy and costly batteries. This all works with Panasonic EV deep cycle 28ah Batteries at reasonable cost.

Real Technology Really Works

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