Esteem mobility scooter specifications.esteem scooter specs. Apitherapy and the Miracle of Bee Stings
This is the fun part. Dewaxing and extracting the honey. What was interesting was finding a large cluster of pollen. This is the magic stuff. Note the different colours. Somehow the bees know to organise it in the different cells for each type of flower they collect pollen from.
June 24th 2018.  2 stings in the right hand and 1 sting in the left palm. Handled the bees extensively and it was difficult to get stung. I caught a bee and clasped it in my palm and still it didn't sting. Caught another and then slowly crushed it in my palm till it stung. My arthritis is healed. No pain in any joints. The smallest amount of ghost pain in my left middle finger first thing on a cold morning. Wash my hands in warm water and its fine. Fantastic.

June 30th 2018. 1 sting under the left upper forearm and one on the left wrist. Very
difficult to get the bees to sting. Rolled up my sleeve to the elbow and got stung as
far up as the bee could get. I had had some soreness in the left shoulder. I had been
going hard at the golf ball during the week and thought I had strained this shoulder.
Probably did. Within an hour the shoulder was healed. The bees really tried to get to the sore area. Everytime I see this I am amazed.

July 7th 2018.  Left hand index finger and thumb. Right in the tips. Took 10 minutes to get stung. Then spent another 5 minutes and no more stings. I had my left arm exposed to the shoulder. I blocked off the entrance with my arm and plenty of bees trekked across my arm to enter or exit the hive but none stung my arm.

July 14th 2018.  Left hand. 2 stings in the finger tips and 2 on the arm. All good. Went to golf at 6:15am Sunday and the temperature was -.1 degree. There was frost on the ground. The coldest morning I have ever experienced in Brisbane. Amazingly my joints were fine. No bigger test of arthritis than swinging a golf club in freezing temperatures.

July 22nd 2018. I exposed my left leg from above the ankle to above the knee. 3 stings fairly quickly on the calf muscle with bees hanging around. I fled the hive and back in the shed I detected a bee up my trouser leg. I crushed and rolled and whatever to kill this bee inside my trousers. Did it twice. And I thought I must have. However 10 minutes later I get stung on the calf by this bee that had survived my pulverising. It could have stung anywhere from my upper thigh down but carefully chose the calf. Amazing.

July 28th 2018. I taped up the bottom of my left foot and trouser half way up the shin. 4 stings, 2 on each side of the ankle. It was like a hot knife through my ankle joint. All good after a few hours.

August 4th 2018. I taped above the ankle and knee exposing my right shin. 4 good stings in the right calf.

August 11th 2018. Exposed left arm above the elbow.2 stings near the elbow and 1 on the left ring finger knuckle and index finger knuckle.

August 19th 2018. Very windy day and the bees retreated to the hive. Had to open the hive, remove a few frames and stick my left hand right into the box. Even so it to a good few minutes of harrassment to get 1 sting on the left little finger end.

The last 2 nights (23rd and 24th) I have taken a panadol at 2:00am for hip joint pain. Something I did a lot of once but have not had to do since starting Apitherapy. Pre apitherapy. First time since. Maybe 1 sting is not enough on a weekly basis.

25th August 2018. 4 stings in the right hand and wrist. Did not suffer hip joint pain.

26th August 2018. Got a little careless. Went to (Coopers Plains) backyard bees and casually inspected the hive for honey. Had black pants and socks and one hand exposed with no band on the cuff of the hood. The bees swarmed my pants and ankles. Got up my arm. 4 stings through the socks on the ankles. 2 stings up the left arm. White clothes definitely work and be sure the bees will find the smallest of holes. Again no pain in the hip when I slept. Fantastic.

28th August 2018. Wore black socks while tending the hive. 3 stings left ankle
and 2 stings right ankle.

1st September 2018. Opened the hive and inspected frames with bare hands and leg. 3 stings on the right hand and 4 stings on the left ankle and calf. My body is loose and pain free.

8th September 2018. 3 Stings left hand and 3 stings right hand while tending a hive. The hive I have been tending was split from another several weeks ago and will be relocated to my property shortly.

15th September 2018. New Hive installed at my house. This was split from another hive 6 weeks ago. Sealed and transported at night. I had my right hand exposed and got 4 stings whilst helping Johnny get it in position and opening it up. This will be as aggressive as bees will be. They don't like being moved. Rather like you experiencing an earthquake and waking up in Tokyo. So best to leave this to the experts. $750 for a strongly populated hive fully installed with a training session from the beekeeper to come a week later. Best money I have ever spent.

I have been getting 1 or 2 stings everyday and its great.

October 2018. I have spent the entire month of October away with no bee stings. After two weeks some pain in my fingers, knees and hip returned. The hip would wake me up at night and I got back to taking 4 - 6 panadol a day to cope.

1st November 2018.  4 stings in the left ankle and shin. The pain was gone and I had a good nights sleeep with no pain. Absolute proof that this apitherapy 100% works for me. I will continue to get 1 or 2 stings a day and update when I have more news.

11th November 2018.  Getting stung every day or so. Bees attack black. I put a thin black sock over my hand and up my forearm and left the rest of the arm exposed. After agitation the bees in numbers stung through the sock, leaving the bare arm well alone. I removed the black sock and put the the bee keeping glove back on and sat at the hive entrance for 10 minutes and they did not sting the still exposed upper arm. First harvest of 12 absolutely perfect frames of honey. 35kgs. I am so much more alive. It's as if I have gained back 20 years of time. I have energy. Lost weight and gained strength. I feel fantastic.

6th January 2019. Getting stung every second or third day. The black sock trick really works allowing targeting of different quadrants each time. Plus I am getting stung on the fat parts rather than the finger tips or palm etc. A lot less painful. Despite feasting and drinking heavily over the holidays my body has been great. Basically I am cured and healed. No residual aches or pains. Increased strength and energy. Fantastic.

29th March 2019. Through January - February all was going well, getting stung every 3rd day or so. Feeling fantastic with no arthritis. Then at the beginning of March I went overseas for a month. No stings available. Into the second week I was waking up with hip joint pain and my right knee was sore. Hard to walk up stairs. Back on the panadol and by the end of the month I was taking 4 to 6 a day and just coping. Got home and went straight to the hive and within an hour all was good.

17th June 2019. More than a year has past and I am getting stung twice a week and have no joint pain. It is now obvious that I am on bee sting therapy for life.

I have noticed the stings are targeted at the most sore joints. Seemingly in order of need one week after another. So I have started targeting the worst joints and this is working a treat. This is truly a miracle of the bees. It is not a myth. This really happened to me. And is happening.

Lots of water retention from the swelling. First urination after therapy is very little flow. So drink lots of water before and after.

The bee sting. It is amazing to watch a bee sting. There is the quick sting and then there is the boring sting. After being stung 4 or 5 times you will observe that 1 or 2 stings form a 2 mm sore with some swelling. The other sites are a small prick that vanishes quickly. Still a little swelling. To create the boring sting the bee will hover and settle on the skin then gently insert the sting a little. This is painless. Then it rotates around the sting going deeper and deeper. Pain starts when it is about half way round. It may rotate several times round. When done it pulls forward leaving a cream colored bowel up to 20mm long. This separates and balls up on the end of the sting. The bee flies off. This is maximum injection.

Bees definitely target sore and arthritic joints. No doubt about it. At the beginning it was obvious that the bees were targeting my most sore joints. Lately, after adopting the black sock idea to contain stings to regions that hurt less when stung, the bees have stung through clothing (sometimes several layers) to say my ankles with 1 sting when they were a bit sore. And other areas as required.

Firstly the bees can see shades of colour well below the black we see. This is a fact. I also think that they can sense radiation from sore and arthritic joints. They may sense it as extra heat or they may see it as a certain microwave of light. Whatever, they can definitely pick out arthritic joints. Given the opportunity they will attack these sore joints. Just a God given miracle.
Beekeeper Johnny and his dad checking his dads hives in a suburban backyard in  Coopers Plains. See Yanous inspecting and handling the frames with no fear. I spent 30 minutes filming without protection. Neither Yanous or I got stung once.
In 1985 I was diagnosed with gout. Not the over indulgent type but the one you are born with. My body processes uric acid at 20% the rate it needs to. The rest crystallises in my blood stream. Progressively attacking (grinding away) the joints in my body. Moving from the big toe up. By taking the medication I can reduce but not entirely solve this problem. I was told at a young age by the time I was old I would be crippled with arthritis and joint pain. As I entered into my 50's this began to be the case. I could not shake your hand. Just a light crushing of my right hand caused agony. The left hand was worse.

I have had the same doctor all my adult life. In March I sat in his office discussing the pain and the best he had was diet, light exercise and stronger pain relief. Great. Now I have to choose a course that leads to being a junky. Not going to happen.

On the BBQ circuit I was conversing with Johnny and Aliki and they were spruiking their honey. Johnny is a bee keeper as he dad was a beekeeper as his grand father was a bee keeper in the Greek Isles. Over the years I had regularly bought his honey. As I did this day. Raw honey straight from the bee keeper. Its great. Golf came up and Johnny asked me to invite him out for a hit. I described why that might not happen. He went on, as he had done in the past, about how bee stings are good for you. I (why) agreed to give it a try. I guess in desperation. How bad could it be. Did I believe in it. No. Herbal remedies of all sorts had been tried and found to be useless.

Sunday he phoned and gave me directions to the farm. And after church I went. Very hesitantly. Getting stung by bees is about as anti as it gets. I suited up and went to the hive with my both hands exposed. They had been smoked so were quiet docile. It is a whole lot harder then you think to get bees to sting. They naturally do not want to rip their bowels out on you. I was running my hand across the entrance contacting bees. Freaky. Eventually I killed a few and they stung. There was pain, a little more than a needle prick with a burning sensation. Nevertheless it takes real nerve to fight off every instinct you have to flee and not get stung more times. 

It's a Miracle::
By the time I got back to the shed and disrobed the pain from the stings had mostly subsided. Within an hour the arthritic pain in my middle finger was mostly gone. The pain in my right elbow was completely gone. I could now feel the lessor arthritic pain in my right hand fingers, knees, hip and ankles that was previously masked by the most severe pain in my left hand. This also subsided during the afternoon as the bee toxin went through my body. Fantastic.

Here I am sticking my hands
into the entrance of the hive just after mass on April the 8th. Hence the wrong clothes. Best to wear white clothes around bees. See them swarming my pants.

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Image of a Bee stinging me
I am a fairly good golfer. My habit was to play 9 holes 3 times a week before work. Typically I would shoot 40+-. In 2010 I stopped as my body hurt too much. In Oct 2017 I made up my mind to give golf one more go. My weight had blown by 15kgs in 7 years and I was terribly unfit. Nothing like the athlete I once was. It hurt. My hands would not respond. I took months off and tried again. By March I had had enough. I was in constant pain. The middle finger in my left hand was gone. Constant pain and unusable. My right elbow was in agony. I could just pull a door but not pick up 500g. I was taking 4 to 6 panadol a day and just coping.
Bee Keeping
Here I am with Korean Tia Chi Master Li and Johnny. Master Li strongly believes in the virtues of raw honey.
I am the guy with no protection. 2nd June 2018.
Diary to Date::

April 8th 2018. First time. Freaky. 4 stings on the left hand. Instant relief for sore fingers and hands. 90% better after a day. Right elbow cured within an hour.

April 15th 2018. Left hand again. Different locations. On the wrist and the ring finger. Some swelling and numbness for several hours.

April 22nd 2018. 20 plus stings and a lot of swelling in the left hand and forearm for a day. Made a mistake here. Went to the hive with both arms fully exposed. This time they hadn't been smoked. I had to really agitate the bees to get them to sting. Killed at least 4. Then when I got stung I had no protection. Exposed against more agressive bees. After this I learned to have only one hand exposed and when stung 4 times insert into a protective glove. Nevertheless, the 20 stings around my body did me good. All arthritic pain is gone. Just a miracle. Still some residual actual joint (bone) damage in the left middle finger. Does seem to be healing as each week goes by.

April 29th 2018. 6 stings on the left hand. All under control. Still some residual bone pain in the left middle finger joints. Less pain than a week ago.

May 5th 2018. Ankles. The bees bypassed my hand (1st bite) and went for my ankles. 3 large stings on each ankle. Swelling in the feet and ankles that subsided over 2 days. Fixed the tenderness in my right big toe. This had been there since 1985. Unbelievable. I was so happy.

May 13th 2018. Would not sting me on the exposed left elbow, arm or hand. I actually handled the swarm at the entrance with my bare hand. Freaky. Still no sting. Swapped to right hand and 5 stings on the wrist (3) and middle finger knuckles. Some swelling at the wrist. Inflamation of the wrist and knuckles.

May 20th 2018. 4 stings to the left hand. 2 in the index and ring finger tips. Some swelling and inflamation of the middle finger joints. Almost pain free on Monday. The middle finger is cured and the joint seems to be slowly healing.

May 26th 2018. 5 stings on the left hand. 1 in the thumb, 3 in the finger tips, 1 in the wrist. Swelling of the thumb that lasted for 2 days. Aliki gave me a jar of honey from the bottom of the barrel. To be consumed at a tablespoon a day. It does have some sediment but contains the most pollen and enzymes. Good stuff.
image of lots of bees   Old man with the bees   image of honey in the frame 
With no protection, Yanous helped attend the bees and was not stung once. I was filming unprotected as well. No problem.

June 2nd 2018. 2 Stings in the bad end knuckle of the right little finger. 1 along the vein, one on the wrist. Slight swelling of the finger and hand. It is getting more difficult to get the bees to sting me. I have no fear around them. They seem very hesitant to sting me. I really have to agitate them and kill a few to get them to sting.

June 10th 2018. 4 stings on the left hand. Little finger, edge of the palm, on the wrist and up under the middle finger on the inside. I had taken great care not to get stung on the palm or fingetips as it is the most painful spot. One did sneak in and get me on the underside of the previously very sore knuckle. Amazing.

June 16th 2018. 2 stings on the left hand knuckles and 1 sting on the right hand with full rotation. (As seen in the video) I actually filmed 30 minutes up close with the honey harvest fully exposed. No stings till I killed a few bees at the end of filming. Pain free. Left middle finger is 95% healed. I am really comfortable around the bees.


Here I am going to the hive on June 10th to get stung 4 times on the hand and arm. The cameraman is freaking out more than me. This in real time took about 5 minutes. I had rubbed some flower petals to make the back of my hand more attractive to the bees.


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