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World Class Scooters. Advanced Engineering and Superior Design set these scooters well above all others. Benefit today from our factory direct pricing. Pay Less and Get a whole lot More

New Scooters

Nobody gets more trade ins of other makes and models. Scooters to match any budget.

Used Scooters

Every Part for all new scooters sold by us in the last 15 years. 99.3% availability off the shelf. Hard to find used parts from wrecked trade ins that do not meet our standards to resell

Spare Parts

Service matters. Factory trained technicians with up to date equipment. Its all to easy to sell but its a whole lot harder to provide great service and support. We set the standard that few can match.


Read Testimonials from real customers. 22,000 happy customers Australia wide.


Accesories for your New or Used scooters. Lightweight Magnesium ramps. Sun Canopies, Mirrors, Rear Bags and so much more.

Accessories for Scooters

Pay real close attention to the information contained here. Scooters with Balance technology are at least 200% more stable than all other designs. It may save your life

Balance Technology

Technical Advice for our Scooters. Easy to follow video clips and instructions. Almost anybody can undertake service and maintenance to our scooters.


Quality is such an over used word today. We prove it. No other scooter will climb 6 klms up a 3,300 ft mountain with a 145kg on board in under 30 minutes. Most will burn out. This is quality tested for real.

Test Track

With Payments from $15 a week you can now get mobile in style. Aged pensioners usually qualify with an easy approval for any one else. Most people aged up to 88 years old, working or not will qualify.

Terms Payments

No hassle Australia Wide delivery. Shipped in one large carton assembled and ready to drive.

Scooter Delivery

Trust the experts since 1990. Over 22,000 happy customers. Avoid outragious franschise dealer margins and buy Factory Direct from Scooter City.

Quality is such an over used word today. Meaningless. Substance is the true key to quality.

We are proud to have done nothing but great quality mobility scooters since 1990. The person you dealt with 10 years ago is still the person you deal with today. There is a combined 70 plus years of experience across our three senior technicians. Nobody knows more about mobility scooters. We have sold a variety of brands (local and imported) in that time.

The best scooters. Over the last decade or so we have focused in on the Lotus Blake and Letrix Power brands. These scooters are at the pinnacle of scooters. Like Ducati in motorcycles or Ferrari in cars. Dedicated manufacturers truly advancing mobility scooters. In reality when you compare say a Lotus Blake Montana to other brands it will be far more advanced in design and function. Significantly better with much higher quality components. Better to ride and so much safer. Built to be the best. Durable and reliable. Yet, it is far better value for money.

Yes, your local dealer can buy at trade pricing, but will usually choose to deal in products with a much higher margin. Too many times customers have told us the local dealer has run our company and products down. "Its a piece of rubbish, you can't get parts for that, etc." In reality he is projetcing what he sells. Don't be fooled. See for yourself. Visit their parts department, see their workshops. Listed on this site are our parts and we have every part in stock. All at very reasonable prices. And yes, the local dealer can buy parts at trade pricing. So if he says "you can't get parts" than he clearly doesn't want to.

Remote servicing is a beeze. In the main and in most areas the local dealer feels he has you as a captive customer. Not any more. With our online service technical advice and video clips any competent mechanical person with our assistance can easily work on your scooter. If they can replace brake pads or a starter motor in a car then they are more than qualified. Most local auto electricians willing work on mobility scooters. Just make sure they contact us before starting work and we can put them on track to a speedy and cost effective repair or service.

Delivery is easy. Shipped in one large carton to your to your door. Simple cut the straps and lift off the top and your scooter is ready to drive. Fully assembled. We have great rates to anywhere in Australia. And we regulaly export to other countries. Worry free with a 7 day money back guarantee.

Late Model Trade ins. We offer the largest range of late model trade ins at great prices. Tested and warranted. Best to buy what we specialise in as they will be durable and reliable with great parts availability. But we do need to clear other makes and in the main we can provide parts (generic) and service. Some really good looking late model scooters are in fact not very durable, require excessive maintenance and have poor or expensive parts availability. Check with us for accurate descriptions and advice is the best way. But we do sell some scooters that are $7,000 plus new for $990 or so that are just a few years old. The market price usually reflects the quality and support.

Ezy Pay terms on 10% deposit. Most pensioners will have no problem. Repayments from $15 per week. New or used scooters are OK.

Get a second opinion. Its free. Have another make or model. Dealing with someone that makes no sense at all. Be sure nothing cost $2000 to fix. New or secondhand parts may be available. Call our friendly technicians and have a talk. Tell them your issue and see what they have to say. 

Severe Warning: See this news article and many others. We have never sold, supported or serviced any scooter with Lithium Ion Batteries. We have always been aware of the immense danger to the user. We implore you. If you have such a scooter dispose of it today.

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