50:50 Weight Distribution
Low Center of Gravity
Longer Wheelbase Wider Track

4 wheel Independent Suspension
Sports Car like Stability and Handling

Beware:: Oversized (large) wheels can create a dangerously short wheelbase and high centre of gravity. Even worse on a 3 wheel tricycle scooter.

Here the Esteem is being driven up a 1 in 3 slope, 18 degrees, without any chance of ever tipping.

Lotus Blake scooters with Patented Balance Technology are at least 200% more stable than all other designs.

Don't Comprimise on Safety
The even weight distribution also greatly increases the sideways stability by a huge amount. Here the Esteem is at 27.6 degrees and still the wheels remain in contact with the platform. Can you imagine driving sideways across a staircase and being perfectly safe doing so. This is one stable scooter
Here the Esteem is at an angle of 27.6deg. A staircase is 22.5 degrees. Notice no Anti Tip wheels and the paper has not yet moved indicating the wheels are still in contact with the platform. The yellow dummy is a 75kg person. Notice, we moved the weights to the backrest. The platform could not be raised enough to move the paper. Simply Amazing!
ISO International Standards Test Dummy. Accurately represents the mass and centre of Gravity of a 75kg person sat in the scooter.

A piece of 80gsm paper is placed under an upside wheel and the platform is raised until the paper slides. The angle is measured and reported.

Lotus Blake
scooters have a real feeling of security. Almost instantly you feel safe and secure. The scooter holds you and feels solid to the road. The suspension absorbs uneven surfaces and bumps. Cornering and handling is superb.

If your scooter needs or uses anti tip wheels than it's design is inherently unstable. And it will drive like that. A feeling that you might tip at anytime. Not pleasant. A billycart with no regard to your safety or comfort. Terrible.
This creates and angle of ascent so steep its virtually impossible for the scooter to tip. Sideways or Lateral stability is greatly increased. In ISO testing the Esteem scooter scored an angle of 27.5 degree sideways. Most scooters with anti tip wheels scored 14 degrees and some with larger wheels even less.
By moving weight to the front of the scooter the ideal 50:50 weight distribution is achieved. Driving stability is improved by an enormous amount. The centre of gravity is near the centre of the scooter.  So much Safer. 200% more stable than older designs. Nothing previous can compare. Unrivalled safety and comfort
     Patented Balance Technology
     Be amazed at how stable a mobility scooter can be
If a scooter has anti tip wheels it is inherently unstable

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