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MY2016 Tycoon AZ36
Amazing 36volt Technology
The Best got a whole lot better

New World Record
89.5 klms on 55ah AGM batteries
Australia Leads the World

 Safety and Stability Patented Balance Technology. Unique 50:50 weight distribution. You will be safer. No other scooter is even similar. See how much more stable

 Ride and Handling 4 Wheel independent dual control arm suspension. Adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers. Similar to a modern sports car. 4 spring seat. Very comfortable.

Advanced Technologies Carbon Fibre body's, Magnesium chassis, Rare earth motor, Powdered sintered 3 stage gearset and so much more available. World Leading.

 Scooters that Last with service, parts and technical support  from our committed team.      Important testimonials

Ezy Pay   Pensioner Terms   available from $12 per week

Australian designed and engineered.  100% Australian Invention leads the World. Built to be the best
27 years in Business 23,000 happy customers. Trust the Experts. Nothing but Quality Scooters, Service and Parts

 Take a tour
 of our site to understand why Lotus Blake scooters are Respected as the World's Best scooters.

 See why at a World Disability EXPO sponsored by the Danish and Japanese governments these scooters were appraised as being a level above all others. Clearly superior

 World Class Quality. Superbly built and finished with no compromise to quality. In a world where lower quality across the board is the trend these scooters surely stand out. Durability and longevity are the key.

Value. Real quality isn't expensive, its priceless. New scooters starting at $1,790 to less than $6,000 for the very best. Great used scooters supported by us from $990


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