Lotus Blake have taken the lead worldwide in modern mobility scooters. This latest designs takes the bar to the highest level. This is for the purest. Those used to owning the very best cars or motor bikes will appreciate the difference.

Ferrari or Ducati are the world standards in advanced chassis design and this Lotus Blake chassis might just better both in its build quality and ultimate technologies. Certainly this is the worlds most advanced small electric vehicle by a long way. Second place is somewhere in the technology of the 1930's or even horse and buggies.

Lotus Blake Magnific technologies are available in Montana, Esteem and Tycoon scooters. Pick your weapon.
Enjoy scooting about with unrivalled safety and superb comfort. Go further, use less battey power and do it with real sports car handling and comfort. Be Amazed, Be very Amazed.

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Quality is such and over used word today. But here it really is. You can't fake the amazing quality of this scooter. Technology and build qualities only seen it the best supercars or racing motor bikes.

            Be the Quality

If not you now, who is it that deserves to have the Best
Pressure cast, Extruded Magnesium construction. Dual wishbone suspension front and rear. Coil over springs front and rear.
20 point rubber bushed suspension setup.

Super Rare Earth magnet motor with 3 stage powder gear set for effortless  performance and amazing efficiency.

50:50 perfect weight distribution with Patented Balance Technology

No Anti Tip Wheels needed
200% more stable than older designs. 40lbs to 100lbs lighter than similar size scooters. 5 to 20 times stronger than other scooters

Really Comfortable Ride
Easy steering action
Fantastic cornering ability
Uses far less power
Conquers severe terrain
Carrys any load anywhere

Now in its 4th Generation, proven reliable and durable.
Lotus Blake

World Class Engineering

State of the Art Technology

Lighter Stronger Most Efficient

Increased Comfort and Safety

Proven Durable and Reliable

Easy to Service and Maintain

A Pleasure to Drive
For the technically minded::  Without giving away valuable trade secrets and propriotary information::

The new high ratio slide diff is a significant leap forward in gear design. Gearsets are designed with a hypoid single contact point across the gear as they go past each other. Even though this is still in use by almost every manufacturer across every gear set it is old technology now. The new way creates a larger contact point across the gear surface and modern specific lubricants fill this larger contact point creating an area of contact that is always seperated by oil. Thus far more efficient. Particularly under extreme loads.

G4 motor technology builds on all known motor technology and refines it to a single point that exactly suits the scooter. Very little energy waste with new magnet materials and layouts. State of the art armature design for smoother delivery of real torque. Testing suggests that the motor is so efficient and not stressed in the application that it will most likely run for a lifetime without the need for overhaul.

The new chassis is stiffer with new compressed pressure cast magnesium control arms and pieces. This new technology has emerged with the need for larger phone and computer screens that don't crack. Basically a secret formula magnesium compound is heated to a very high temperature then cast under enormous pressure through purpose made molds. This creates a 200,000 atom skin on the component which is literally as tough as diamond. Basically inflexible and virtually unbreakable. Lotus Blake is one of only a few companies that understand and use this technology.

Battery life is affected by many things. But a major concern is how much time the battery spends discharging high current. The less the better. Older scooters can and do draw 60 amps and 90 amps regularly. 30 amps most of the time. This really taxes the battery life. Huge batteries are required to get any sort of life. The new MY2021 Lotus Blake scooters spend most of the time under 20 amps and on the flat or downhill less than 10amps. This really works well. 15 years ago this seemed a pipedream. But here we are. Just amazing.

Its a real joy to be involved with an Australian company that truly leads the world. Become part of the new way scooters should be.

During Covid final prototyping and production development were done remotely across the globe in Binjiang, South Orange county and Brisbane. This email attachment sent in late July 2020 shows local testing data on the prototypes sent to Australia. Click Here

Lotus Blake is the only company that has continued to invest heavily in the advancement of small electric vehicles

16 years of unrelenting passion unleashed by a band of great engineers. Cooperating with many world leading companies to build the most advanced small electric vehicle ever conceived. In with the new and out with all other old technology.

This new MY2021 technology is an advancement similar to the advancement in cars from the 1950's till now. Older scooters with low tech, low cost  motors and transaxles and heavy bulky chassis use the available battery power poorly and require huge batteries at great cost regularly. In fact the batteries can be anywhere from $800 to $1,800 to replace. The cheaper brand batteries require more regular replacement.

The new Lotus Blake scooters use battery power more than 3x more efficiently. ie If you old car did 15mpg (1960's Ford Galaxy) then your new modern car is doing 50mpg and therfore only needs a much smaller fuel tank. So it is with Lotus Blake scooters. Yes, you will need new batteries from time to time but at much less cost and frequency. The smaller batteries also remove a huge amount of weight from the vehicle, again far more efficient.
LB30ah36v Pack $240.00
suitable for MY2021 Montana Deluxe, Montana Magnific and Tycoon SB984.

LB30ah24v Pack $160.00
suitable for MY2021 Jo Rabbit, Esteem Deluxe and Esteem Magnific

3 month pro rata warranty::
Manx Impala analogue charger is ideal and supplied with new product. Works Well
LB30ah Battery packs for Lotus Blake MY2021Scooters.
Real Technology  Really works

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