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     General New Scooter Warranty Scooter City

This product is intended only for use as and is warranted only as a mobility scooter. A mobility scooter is usually used by an aged or disabled person around their local area where others might usually walk several times a week. All other uses are expressly excluded from this warranty. Commercial operation should seek an alternate warranty available on request.

Without limiting your rights at general law or under any statute the company warrants that:

If defects in material or manufacture occur in this new product during a period of 12 months from the date of sale to the first owner then the company will rectify such defects free of charge at its factory.

The company does not accept liability for any item which fails because of normal wear and tear or abuse or unauthorised modifications or for any defect arising from this product being operated in a manner for which it was not intended or being overloaded.

Not all repairs maintenance or adjustments are a result of faulty materials or manufacture. This warranty does not include such items as paint, trim, chrome and other appearance items nor does it include worn or punctured tyres or wheel alignment. Electromagnetic interference is expressly excluded from this warranty

We do not warrant batteries. Batteries are not universally covered under this warranty. Batteries would usually be covered by a warranty from the individual battery manufacturer. Batteries at the end of the serviceable life or that may have been incorrectly used or charged or maintained or overloaded might not be warranted. Batteries are a consumable item with this product. Regular replacement may be required.

Panasonic LCXC1228 batteries or Yuasa C1255DA batteries that may be supplied with this product by the company from new are the only batteries warranted the company will support with this product on a 12 month pro rata basis by the company. In a Sealed Lead Acid battery these are the only genuine certified deep cycle batteries available. No other brand or specification of batteries are covered by the company under this warranty. Use of other batteries may void all warranties.

The company may provide up to a 90 day warranty on all servicing and repairs undertaken on a retail basis. This will be noted on the service invoice where applicable. Brands not sold and supported by us from new are excluded. 

Used scooters are not covered by this warranty. The company may provide up to a 30 day warranty on selected used scooters. This will be noted on the sales invoice where applicable. Brands not sold and supported by us from new cannot be warranted.

It remains the owners responsibility to return the product to the company or its appointed dealer before any warranty repairs can be undertaken.  This product is a machine and will require regular maintenance. Incorrect maintenance or modifications may void this warranty.


7 Day Money Back Garauntee for Country Clients. The purpose of this gaurantee is to allow the client to view the scooter to confirm it is as pictured and described by the company. It does not replace the usual operational warranty as described above. Upon receiving the scooter and removing the carton the client should make a visual inspection and immediately report any variances from the description and photographs. If the company agrees and gives the client a return authoristion number the client then should replace the packaging and organise for the company to organise return shipping. The cost of shipping to and from will be deducted from the purchase price and and then the remainder of the purchase price returned to the client. Return shipping costs from some locations may be more or less than the delivery cost. No returns will be accepted without written prior authorisation from the company in the form of an email or letter on the companies stationary.



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