Battery size: 3 volt. Panasonic CR 2032 or equivalent. (approx 18mm dia) p/n:0094LB

Remove Top Dash Panel:
1. Carefully fold the top dash panel forward after taking out the screw between the horn buttons.

2. Remove battery from rear of Speedo with flat blade screwdriver or coin

3. Insert new battery (Do Not touch battery with fingers as body acid will contaminate battery & shorten its life. If accidentally touched, wipe battery with metho to remove contaminants) Use gloves or a tissue to handle battery

4. Speedo display will flash. Change it to read KMH using the Red mode at bottom of Speedo front. Setting Wheel Size:
Montana = 0255 Esteem = 0210

5. At back of Speedo, locate the Program button (recessed at lower left). Using paper clip or like instrument, press ONCE ONLY and digits will flash on display. First digit will flash & top RH corner will flash      

      SET Wheel size.

6. Use Red mode button to set first flashing digit to 0. 0
7. Press rear Program button
8. Use Red mode button to set second flashing digit
9. Press rear Program button
10. Use Red mode button to set third flashing digit
11. Press rear Program button
12. Use Red mode button to set fourth flashing digit
13.Press rear Program button
      Setting the Clock:

14. Press Red mode button until clock icon appears.
15. Press and HOLD rear Program button until clock icon flashes.
16. Set current time in hours using Red mode button.
17. Press rear Program button until ten minutes flash.
18. Set current time in ten minutes using Red mode button.
19. Press rear Program button until single minutes flash.
20. Set current time in single minutes using Red mode button.
21. Press rear Program Display will stop flashing. The Clock is now set. Time is in 24 hour mode.
      Replace Top Dash Panel:

22. Replace top dash panel and affix with screw between horn buttons.
23. Test drive scooter to check speed.

      Operation of the Speedo:

The Speedo has five Modes: 1. Gives Speed in Kph. 2. Clock shows the Time in 24 hour mode.
3 .Gives the Trip Distance in Km. 4. Shows the Trip Time. 5. Shows Total Distance.
When travelling, the Speed in Kph is always shown in large digits at the top of the display. The
minor readout in the lower part of the display will show the other modes.
The Red Button at the bottom is to change the Mode. Press & hold for 3 seconds to reset Trip
Distance. (This will also reset Trip Time). Press until AUTO KM appears, now whilst travelling, the
minor display will automatically alternate between Trip Distance, Trip Time & Clock (current time).
The Total Distance (odometer) is only shown while stationary.
BC500 speedo

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