By the time they write the book on how business was done this Century we hope that it will all be different.
Ever cheaper prices attract the consumer. We all like a cheap price right. And if its a kitchen spatula or a flower pot how can you go wrong. But what if that cheap price can hurt you or others. Cheap electronics that burn you house down. Crappy computer monitors that harm your eyesight. Counterfeit drugs that have no effect. Air Conditioners that leak harmful gases into the enviroment. Cheaper and cheaper products that are barely suitable and last no time at all. Where are the quality goods gone. Why doesn't my shop have a decent widget that I know will last. I had a pool scoop that lasted 20 years. The one I bought last year has already failed. My goodness!

There were 2 main causes of this phenomenom. Lets call it "Cheaper is better, NOT!"

Good companies with great products stopped manufacturing and engaged 3rd party manufacturers overseas. Old style owners that ran companies that had been in business for 50 or a 100 years employed young fresh MBA's (business degree masters) who were keen to unleash their new knowledge on the world. It was no longer about producing a sturdy reliable product that was servicable and reliable for decades to come. No. Greed took over and men in suits drove the price of manufacturing lower and lower. How could it be wrong. Lower prices. That has to be a good thing. Greater profit margin. That has to be a good thing. Far less staff and plant costs and more money for advertising. That has to be a good thing. All the text books said so. What they didn't factor in was little men in China will agree to any price to get the business. They don't care. Money in, goods out. Improving a product or process went out the window. Cutting corners became the skill. He who was best at making it cheaper by any means won. The MBA's loved it. The owners loved it. It was great.

or  "Buy it cheap and guts the market"

People with little or no experience in a field or product travelled on business trips, some Government sponsored, saw a product at a trade fair and thought "thats cheap". How could you go wrong. Land a container of "XYZ so cheap widgets" and guts the market. That's a plan. In the last 10 years this was done to death. Almost all failed. Mainly the quality was so poor. They had no idea how to warrant or service product that were defective from new. No way to cope with the overwhelming consumer complaints. Most ending up junking the products or selling them on the internet with no further contact point. And the ones that had some success in the main put products into the marketplace that either failed quickly or were dangerous to use. And no ongoing support or parts availability. Not so great now.

Very few companies did it the right way. Apple is one. Audi another. Lotus Blake is such a company. They designed and have continued the design process of safer and better mobility scooters. In China they have their own custom built factory with western engineers and managers. Talented designers and motivated technicians that are obsessed with the best. They make almost everything in house or nearby. They use the best electronics, bearings, tyres, nuts, bolts, whatever. The make super advanced chassis and motors. They control the standard. Their gearbox is world leading. Dupont paint finishes sprayed on by robots. On and on. You can't fake real quailty. 

Cheap price is great, but a Quality product at the right price is so much better.  Everyone likes to own the Best. Why not.
Advice: Everyday we get calls from person that bought off the internet and received sub standard product with no support or parts.  Its a terrible to realise you have been done when it all looked good. Websites are easy, real quality with support is harder.

Long after the price is forgotten real quality with great support remains. No one ever regrets buying quality. Lotus Blake.

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